Government, National Education, Diplomatic Corps

As primary network connection, rural government agencies use satellite VSat network to ensure communication (data and phone). As backup network connection, government agencies use satellite VSat network to ensure communication in case of fault of primary communication lines via cable. Embassies use satellite VSat network to obtain encrypted and independent communication to central government offices.

Defense, Blue light services

Network connection for encrypted communications over satellite between fixed or mobile units - like HQ, vessels, military bases, Peace Keeping Operations - enables rapid and reliable satellite communication both in times of peace and emergencies. Connection can also deliver data, voice for private use (e.g. phone calls for troop dislocated in military bases in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East).

Natural Disaster Response

VSat networks allow communications continuity - in case of failure of primary TLC networks (cable, radios, GSM).


Telemedicine service is based on the use of the satellite technology, integrated with terrestrial networks, to "brings together" doctors and patients. Backup satellite networks ensure communications in case of natural disaster.


The advantage of a wireless network is the mobility and freedom from the restriction of wires or a fixed connection. VSat provides reliable continuous connectivity to NGOs operating in areas lacking telecommunication services due to either remoteness or disaster. Whether for education or emergency response, VSat offers any size organization reliable, cost-effective, two-way connectivity solutions for voice, streaming video and data exchange, providing the right fit to enhance efficient collaboration.

Our BroadBand solution for the Government sector KEY ELEMENTS:

Global solution regional or multi-regional coverage
Flat and shared services always-on or on demand

24/7 maintenance and support
System Network Management free of charge

Milano Teleport provides VSAT broadband networks through its HUB facility, by a geostationary satellite fleet in C and Ku band. See our list of Coverage for the GOVERNMENT sector »