Setting up communications on a construction area can be enormously frustrating. It can take days or weeks in some countries to setup a traditional phone line. In other sites the mobile coverage can be poor or completely non existent, slow and difficult connection affects productivity. Broadband by satellite can ease some of the problems often encountered.

Construction sites, usually located in contests far from traditional telecommunications infrastructures, can be connected via phone and via internet - only through satellite remote

stations - with all the conveniences of a mobile office: voice (fax as well as standard telephone), video on demand (VOD), GSM support, VPN (virtual private network), video conference and video-surveillance, FTP, mailbox, webmail, web browsing, and more. End-to-end Private Network and VPN solutions via satellite enable secure operations management and assure timely delivery of data in the most remote locations. Satellite networks support real-time data exchange for exploration, inspection, repair, salvage and surveillance operations.

Our BroadBand solution for the Construction sector KEY ELEMENTS:

Global solution regional or multi-regional coverage
Flat and shared services always-on or on demand

24/7 maintenance and support
System Network Management free of charge

Milano Teleport provides VSAT broadband networks through its HUB facility, by a geostationary satellite fleet in C and Ku band. See our list of Coverage for the CONSTRUCTION sector »