KIM - Key Information Management

Software developed in house that enables the customer to: monitor data in real time, view the status of the modem, conduct quantitative and qualitative traffic analyses, check the status of the Network and the service, check the use of the band, analyse the quality and strength of the signal.

  • Belongs to the MT cloud: can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • HA (high availability) redundant servers
  • The database resides on a fully scalable back-end MySQL cluster: maintenance and upgrade operations have no impact on the provision of the service
  • Capable of handling Gigabytes of Data storage with ease
  • Automatic data partitioning even when new cluster nodes are added
  • Synchronous response of data in databases
  • Operations in the databases in transactional mode with data recovery: state of the art for data integrity in relational databases
  • Automatic failover
  • Simple interface for accessing the remote data
  • Access with encrypted authorizations
  • Personalized features for each individual user
  • Easy interfacing with other relational databases for cross data control
  • Useful Business intelligence tools for use in house and for the customer (in-house: mean band occupied on networks; for customer: status of fleet and overall uptime for the route)

SatJumper (TM)

Software developed in house:
Automatically selects the available satellite with the strongest signal, thus always ensuring the best possible connection.
SatJumper has now reached its version 3 developed entirely in Java.
SatJumper is a "stand alone" application that is installed on board and handles satellite changes automatically.
Designed to work on its own, once set up and put into operation, it needs no connection with the outside world except for updates.
Despite the fact that it has no particular requirements in terms of processor, memory or operating system, it is normally installed on a dedicated miniPC to make sure that no interference is caused to its operation by third-party applications and to grant the technical staff of Milano Teleport free access for maintenance work at all times.
Its principal function is to control satellite changes, which may be necessary for two main reasons: a change in coverage, to restore the service after a loss of connectivity due to a blocked angle by means of a BackUP satellite.
Although the software is fully automatic, it also allows the satellite to be selected manually.
The other fundamental function of SatJumper is to provide the crew with useful information about the status of the VSAT system through a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). In addition, the LOG files created automatically and the possibility of producing useful reports at any time make SatJumper an extremely useful troubleshooting tool.

Maritime Monitor

Software developed in house that uses some SatJumper input.
It monitors in real time: several activities and conditions, SNR, IP throughput, Antenna status, ship oscillation, GPS, etc.

Maritime Monitor (MM) is a real-time client application written entirely in Java and compatible with Windows, Linux and MAC.
Through its extremely user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI), it promptly provides clear, detailed information on every ship of the entire fleet.
For each ship, it provides precise information on the modem and antenna, such as: SNR, TX Power, data traffic, route, GPS position, speed, satellite position, status errors and messages, etc..

It is the tool most frequently used by the companies IT managers to monitor the status of their fleets and obtain information that is indispensable to them in their work. The data of each ship is acquired every 15 minutes and stored in the LOG files, and this, together with the SatJumper failure report files make analyses much quicker and more effective.