Satellite DSL and WiFi

Broadband access in Italy and overseas to areas not reached by optical fibre through the installation of satellite stations and managing the termination of the end user links with Wi-Fi, Wi-Max or LTE architecture. In any sector, it is thus possible to offer dynamic broadband connections in vast areas anywhere in the world.

In the same way, this service is also adopted in the civil sector, at low costs, providing DATA and VOICE (VOIP) communications to home users, companies and administrative authorities residing in the areas covered by the Service.

MT can integrate its own satellite solution in the Wi-Max solution, which grants wireless access to broadband telecommunications networks through microwave technology.


Hardware supplying

MT supplies all kinds of antenna system and satellite devices according to specifications, for both the terrestrial and maritime environments.

In addition, MT provides support and consulting services for some basic activities aimed at optimizing the performance and costs of the satellite service:

  • Design for the positioning of the antenna system (Fixed antennas)
  • HW configuration (size of disk, BUC, LNB, etc.) of the Antenna system according to requirements
  • Procurement and delivery of the material ordered
  • Installation and commissioning of the satellite station


Equipment Hosting

Milano Teleport hosts third-party services for the installation, certification and commissioning procedures, routine maintenance, monitoring (using highly automated systems), testing (if requested), and hot or cold redundancy according to the design specifications. Several degrees of integration are possible, on the basis of the customer's specific needs.

RF systems: complete or partial telecommunications system may be integrated, sharing some segments of the chain with other customers already served by the MT platform. The former case will concern complete platforms for the reception of television contributions from a radio link or entire transmission chains (BB, baseband, and RF) for the provision of satellite data and television services (DTH and/or contributions). The latter case will concern services for which the customer installs special modulator-demodulators and shares the antenna system (antenna, amplifiers, receivers ...) and the baseband devices (router, switch ...) with other customers.
Network device integration: Customers' network devices (router, switch, ..) are normally integrated in the MT platform so as to ensure the same degree of robustness and flexibility for the guest service. On request, MT offers consulting and/or configuration services to ensure optimum integration. Access to the internet, a dedicated link with the customer's site and/or interconnections with other specific destinations are provided through the various terrestrial connection, radio or satellite link interfaces described previously.

Electrical infrastructure: Customer indoor units (IDU) are normally housed inside dedicated cabinets equipped with independent power supplies, their own safety switches and monitoring instruments (digital ammeters that trigger alarms). The power supplies of each individual cabinet are protected in sequence by a dedicated residual current device (RCD - 16 Amp 220Volts 50Hz ), hot-swap UPS powered by the industrial power network through an independent diesel generator (with several days of autonomy). The entire system is subjected to periodic maintenance and testing.



The optical fibre connection is made through the main backbones, junctions and access points (Backhaul).
According to the customer's needs, MT can thus flexibly establish supply relationships with any of the leading providers on the market.


TV contribution

In addition to the traditional DTH (Direct To Home) services, MT provides television contribution services for the collection/distribution of television channels from/to other platforms. Collection may take place via radio links, satellite links, public internet and dedicated high-capacity circuits. A system for transmitting the contents directly to the broadcaster's studio is normally set up in order to minimize the complexity of the entire system. The contributions (channels) collected at the teleport using one of the methods indicated previously are grouped for DTH broadcasting via the platforms operated by Milano Teleport, directly or via the Partner teleport network. The network of teleports that may be used for DTH distribution may be expanded according to the specific design.


Engineering services

Milano Teleport provides complete services from the analysis of the requirements to the certification and maintenance of the satellite services and systems.
The activities covered by MT are listed below:
  • Analysis of HW and SW requirements;
  • Engineering of the solution;
  • Configuration of satellite services and systems;
  • Configuration of the remote telecommunications network;
  • Configuration and installation of all devices involved;
  • Activation, testing and release of the system/service (Line-up);
  • Maintenance, monitoring and testing;
  • Technical support