Milano Teleport special promotion for C band in Africa Enjoy a special discount on our Amos 5 C band solution, only available until the end of October

Milano Teleport is offering a very special discount on AMOS 5 C band covering Africa continent in all orders received before the end of October.

Milano Teleport Amos 5 C Band solution - is one of the most robust and reliable VSAT Services in the market. It is based on iDirect 3.1 Platform - high quality broadband connectivity at the most reasonable cost.

From a technical point of view, the distinguishing features of the 3.1 iDirect Version are:

Capability to switch to SCPC Return mode for low latency applications;

Large networks optimization with small inbound channels and single client applications

Please contact a Milano Teleport Sales Representative to be personally informed on all details and to get a proposal for these services.

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