KU-band Global Coverage: a complete solution for Maritime

Summer season is ready to start with a competitive and significant upgrade on Iseaglobal KU band coverage. Milano Teleport developed a worldwide global satellite fleet, with the purpose to meet the needs of maritime customers worldwide (Img. 1).

Img. 1 – KU band Global Coverage

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, passing through the Indian Ocean, Milano Teleport is capable to provide regional, multi-regional and global coverage using a Ku-band solutions.

“We have extended the Ku band coverage to serve any vessel operating anywhere worldwide” stated Nicola Mossino, Sales director and Member of the Board in Milano Teleport . “In most of the cases we multiply beams in the same area to constantly guarantee the requested connectivity to our customers. We are aware that it’s crucial for our business to have a strong supply in some strategic areas like North Atlantic crossing until the Caribbean, and routes like South Atlantic, South Africa, South America and North Pacific”.
Milano Teleport has a strong reputation in the VSAT market for a constant and large supply of real tailor-made solutions, which includes bandwidth upgrades/ downgrades remotely managed, the possibility of automatic coverage switch without any manual intervention and combined solution made-up of Ku and C band beams (http://www.milanoteleport.com/coverages).
Milano Teleport is moving towards the completion of a reliable connection by offering high throughput and best performances, without impacts on prices or flexibility.

Why iSeaglobal?
Multiple satellite
More than one satellite offered under the same region

Regional, Multiregional and Global coverage
No commitments on comprehensive and global coverage and no restrictions on contract periods (selected coverage and short contract terms are possible)

Upgrade / Downgrade options
Possibility to upgrade/downgrade upon request on a month to month basis

Flat-fee with unlimited data transfer

No FAP or limitation to your data – assistance on better shaping the traffic on board.

No Start UP fee for service activation – all inclusive

Guaranteed core network availability 99.5%

Highly experienced and qualified 24/7 Support Team and Concierge – Multilanguage NOC (English, French, Spanish , Italian)

Please visit our new web site in order to have a better understanding of our Company and services:
http://yachting.iseaglobal.com and www.iseaglobal.com