KA BAND Services

Milano Teleport is glad to announce the possibility to book KA services: high speed communications, smaller antennas and safe costs. The Company offers some specific solutions for Oil, Gas and Mining:

12 months offer;

big volume traffic sites;

possibility to use iDirect modem especially for Scpc services;


Real-time connection

send exploration data and pipeline reports directly to the company head-quarters for analysis;

monitoring and control of vital operations between teams and crew;

real-time data exchange for inspection, repair, salvage and surveillance operations;

optimized business productivity with real-time interpretation of drilling data, for analysis;

speed up exploration operations and repairs on remote installations or pipelines;

ensure workers’ safety, wherever they may be;


suitable for onshore and offshore exploration and production;

fast installation and fast service activation;

24/7 support centre NOC;

software Tools (KIM, SatJumper, CORO, Maritime Monitor);

easibility study included;

training course to local technical staff;

Please contact our booking department on sales@milanoteleport.com or your sales representative to book the capacity.