iDirect release IDX 3.3

Dear Sirs,

Milano Teleport is operating on its global networks the iDirect release IDX 3.3 that is compatible with any Evolution® platform and with any corresponding modem (X1, X3, X5, X7) by allowing L2oS - Layer 2 over Satellite feature.

As reported by iDirect “L2oS emulates a standard Ethernet connection across the satellite link, forming an end-to-end network and transparent pathway for Layer 3 traffic”.

Main advantages for end-users are:
Super burst speed > just few seconds for remote station acquisition instead of 1-2 minutes

Remote stations > variable modulation allows to maximize BUC efficiency also for small antennas

Small antennas > maximized quality bandwidth performances

Option file > only option file transmission is required to activate the system, instead of downloading software packages

Dynamic modality > highly recommended for maritime usage, it allows best performances in movement

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