Crossing Atlantic 2012

Extra opportunity Switch from your regular Airtime Provider to Iseaglobal, even just for the Atlantic Crossing, and benefit from the special rates!

Service > Fast service kick off

Value Added Services > VOIP, Wi-Fi, VPN, prepaid scratch cards for both crew and passengers, among others

Wide range of software tools > Sat Jumper, Maritime Monitor, KIM -Key Information Management, among others

24/7 > First and second level customer support

Flexible solutions > Available on customers' requirements

iSeaglobal, the maritime division of Milano Teleport provides high speed connectivity to any kind of vessels. It provides a global multi-beam Vsat coverage in C and Ku band, for broadband speed services anywhere at sea, under any weather conditions across the globe.
In the maritime VSAT market, ISeaglobal has reached the circle of the Bigs, becoming one of the most important VSAT Global Players. The company guarantees high quality of service at a suitable cost by operating an independent infrastructure.